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Dan Zerbe, nurseryman


Daneeze Treez plants unique and uncommon ornamental landscape trees for customers looking for locally adapted varieties that are not generally available from chain stores or other local nurseries. Businesses and homeowners will appreciate disease resistant USDA hardiness zone 5 stock, some of which are researched and developed here in upstate New York. 

Pricing for local tree planting is variable based on wholesale price of the specific tree variety and size desired, standard markup, time required for planting, and tax. 

Consultation for purposes of tree health, planting suggestions, general use pesticide application, or pruning. Price is $100/hr plus tax.

Call or message Dan Zerbe at (585) 750-3298

Trees ordered from Schichtel's Nursery are planted in November or April. See their website for some of the varieties available.

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Daneeze Treez would like to assist customers in selecting tree varieties from suppliers that are: